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5 Responses to “Paintings”

  1. John Hartman Says:

    We are pleased to have become the caretakers of a tryptich entitled “Siblings.” Hirofumi Glover is as talented as he is genuine. If you want to own original art and you wish to support local artists, then you can find no one better than Hirofumi Glover.

  2. Rosemary DiSiervi Says:

    I just bought Hiro’s three paintings, Three Siblings. I completely fell in love with his paintings. What a creative artist Hiro is!

  3. Mary Day Says:

    I enjoyed meeting you and your wife at dinner in Salem. You create beautiful work. I don’t see a facebook link, but will post your site on my facebook. Thank you!

  4. Hi Hirofumi,

    I enjoyed meeting you a few weeks ago at the Center 50+ — I’d like to get you in touch with my friend who is an artist and does web design. We can also help in the Lab when you need to update this website. I am familiar with the WordPress administrative interface.

    Love your art!


  5. Dale Evonne Higdon Newsom Says:

    It was so nice to have met you Hiro @Duaine’s home today….your art work is awesome !!

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