Welcome to Art by Hirofumi Glover.

My approach to painting has never been predictable; it always begins as a feeling, evolving into an image in my mind, and eventually, a challenge for the canvas.  My love of bold colors and minimalist style has not only dictated my art but also my choice of medium: acrylic house paint.  This medium carries through even in the commissioned work I’ve done, including one collector’s insistence that I incorporate their unused interior paint as the color palate for the commissioned piece.  It was a huge success!   

As my work continues to evolve, my inspiration has turned towards the outdoors and the images of clouds, particularly after a memorable road trip through the Willamette Valley.  The juxtaposition of house paint as a medium and the landscapes themselves, have become a clear and natural expression of how exterior paint contributes to the landscape and the landscape contributes to the painter.   Hopefully, the results speak for themselves. 

Please visit my gallery to see more of my paintings.